Film Director

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Morgan Dias Simao

Freediver, outdoor addict, underwater photographer & freelance film maker, Morgan is involved in several wildlife conservation initiatives with a focus on how can modern technology support nature preservation. Native from the French coast of Brittany where he grew his passion for marine life, he accidentally felt in love with Africa and its wildlife few years ago. After volunteering in different programs, he quickly discovered the gaps between the land and marine conservation worlds. This was the seed of Hearts of Giants.

Ocean Team

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Alex & Marianne

Naturalist, Water-couple

Alex Voyer & Marianne Aventurier carry a deep passion for marine life that they convey from their sailing boat Diatomée, to raise awareness about the richness of the oceans through the eyes of scientists, children, athletes and artists, joining their adventure along the way.

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Fred Buyle

Waterman, Story Teller

Professional photographer and world-renowned freediver, Buyle also commits much of his time working with marine scientists studying sharks, dolphins, and whales. Discover his work on Nektos.

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Fabrice Schnoller

Marine biologist

French engineer and freelance biologist and acoustic researcher, Schnoller is founder of Click Research. He develops new research programs with 360° video and audio captation and VR/AR tools.

Land Team


Francoise Anthony-Malby

Reserve owner, author

Owner of the private game reserve Thula Thula, made famous with the rogue herd of elephants from the books “The elephant whisperer” and "An elephant in my kitchen".


Tayla McCurdy

Ranger, Elephant expert

Elephant expert and live-safari speaker at National Geographic, Tayla is a renown field guide across southern and eastern Africa.



Heli Dungler

Animal rights defender

Founder of Four Paws, a large and international organisation running numerous campaigns fighting for animal welfare.