We are extremely proud to have expert and trustful friends supporting our documentary project, sharing a common vision and passion for wildlife conservation.

Francoise Malby-Anthony

Thula Thula game reserve Owner, Writer

Francoise founded the Thula Thula game reserve in 1998 with her late husband, the renowned conservationist Lawrence Anthony, author of the best-seller book “The elephant whisperer” featuring a rogue herd of elephants.

When Lawrence died in 2012, Francoise took over the running of the reserve and is equally passionate about conservation. She was the driving force behind setting up a wildlife rehabilitation center at the reserve to care for orphaned animals.

Follow her adventure here: http://thulathula.com/an-elephant-in-my-kitchen/

Alex Voyer & Marianne Aventurier

Naturalist, Water-couple, Freedivers, Artists

Alex and Marianne are a lot of things: Sailors, freediving instructors, swimmers, underwater photographers & videographers… Above all, they carry a deep passion for marine life that they convey to sensitise about the richness of the oceans to better protect them.

They are the happy captains of Diatomée, their large aluminum sailing boat, enabling them to travel from poles to tropics, to raise awareness about the marine environment, through the eyes of scientists, children, athletes and artists, joining their adventure along the way.

Follow their adventures here: https://www.laroutesalee.com/

Fred Buyle

Explorer, Freediver, Waterman, Story Teller

After setting several wold records in freediving, Fred decided to start underwater photography to show the beauty of the underwater world, with a simple formula: the water, available light, a camera and one breath of air, nothing more, nothing less. Freediving enables him to capture unique moments thanks to his simple equipment and ease of movement.

Concerned by conservation and environmental issues for many years, in 2005 he starts to work with marine biologists to assist them in their field work. He uses his freediving skills to approach the animals and perform tasks such as acoustic and satellite tagging or DNA sampling. Fred collaborated with international teams to provide them his practical knowledge and his extensive experience in the water with large marine life.

His approach to conservation pushes forward the concept of positive imagery versus the catastrophism widely used in the media nowadays.

Follow his adventures here: https://nektos.net/